Friday, July 12, 2019

July 12th 2019 - BREAKING STOCK NEWS UPDATING NOW ..............Plus America's Most Undervalued Biotech............

Progressive Care (RXMD) is America's most undervalued biotech/healthcare stock! Investor interest is growing, the share share price of Progressive Care (RXMD) is only going to keep rising, everyone should be buying this little known healthcare/biotech stock. Progressive Care (RXMD) is going to make a lot of people very rich!  IT HAS BEEN COMPARED TO BUYING Amazon (AMZN) or Netflix (NFLX) BEFORE they got discovered!
Progressive Care (RXMD) is revolutionizing the healthcare industry! Progressive Care (RXMD) has been called the new Rite-Aid!  Progressive Care (RXMD) is so successful they have created the next generation of pharmacy care. Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS don't even come close! To get an idea of how incredibly successful Progressive Care (RXMD) business model is consider this, NUMBERS DON'T LIE, Progressive Care (RXMD) per store pharmaceutical revenues exceeds CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid revenues COMBINED!

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Buying Progressive Care (RXMD) NOW

1- On June 1st 2019 the company doubled it's NET revenues to over $40 million with it's latest successful acqusition of TWO more pharmacies in Florida. The CEO just announced that they will be expanding into to the population dense I-4 corridor of Florida, including Tampa, Orlando and Daytona areas and further acquisitions are projected

2- The CEO announced that monthly revenues are expected to increase a WHOPPING 80% and 40 000 prescriptions PER MONTH are projected to be filled. So far In 2019 every single month the company has continued to post new record revenues

3- The company has received a Best In Class 5 star rating from major insurance carriers and Humana has ranked the company in the TOP 10% in the NATION!

4- The company has one of the healthiest strongest balance sheets around, flush with cash in the bank, millions in assets and no toxic debt and no dilution!

5-The CEO is meeting with institutional investors, moving forward big Wall Street money is going to flow into the stock driving the share price higher as the company prepares to be listed on the NASDAQ

6-Insiders hold a large percentage of shares and they have not sold a single share, they know what's coming! Follow the insiders!

7-The company leads the nation in Tele-Pharmacy expanding it's services into retirement and long term care communities across Florida. 
The company also leads the nation in servicing patients once they have been discharged from the hospital working directly with hospitals to monitor the patients progress while also providing home deliveries and updating them on their follow-ups with Primary Care and Specialist physicians.

8- The company is in the forefront in the nation in combating the opioid epidemic by making inhouse compounded drugs making them one of the few providers in the nation that offer customised opioid alternative solutions that will include Cannabidiol (CBD). 
The company has been featured on CBS news and major trade publications as a leader in this field. The CEO has stated they have been in communication with GW Pharmaceuticals who have the first FDA approved CBD drug. 

9-The company employs over 120 people and gives back to the communities they serve. In 2018 the company supported vulnerable high risk populations by processing over $6 million worth of prescriptions for the United States federal government 340B program, this program allows certain non-profits and charitable healthcare institutions to purchase prescription drugs at a discounted rate from the company

10- It is very rare to find a stock like Progressive Care (RXMD) trading at such a low level under 10 cents a share! Progressive Care (RXMD) could be the best stock investment most of us may ever make. It is THE #1 stock to buy right now, easily one of the most undervalued stocks in America. Progressive Care (RXMD) is under the radar, a high integrity growth and value stock being run with a code of ethics using world class best business practices and governance making it one of the best stock investments for 2019.
Progressive Care (RXMD) truly is an amazing value stock that come along once in a blue moon, value investing made Warren Buffett one of the best investors! Value investing entails the fundamental analysis of a company's earnings power versus its current share price. Value investing has made Warren Buffett and many of his colleagues famously rich. Not a bad model to emulate, now is the time to buy shares of Progressive Care (RXMD)

A Word From The Publisher

Are you tired of picking losing stocks? I have an outstanding and verifiable winning track record of finding extremely undervalued stocks like Progressive Care (RXMD). Over the years so many of my stock selections have doubled, tripled or exploded much higher once they receive exposure on my financial blogs. With thousands of daily visitors my financial blogs give these under the radar stocks massive exposure, now is the time to buy them. Progressive Care (RXMD) will be no different, it's share price is only going to keep rising! Throughout 2019 I will be featuring my new stock selections on this blog. This is a free service to readers! I've picked the cream of the crop, there are not many, you can't go wrong investing in these hidden gems! These little-known stocks are waiting to be discovered by Wall Street. Wonderful companies like Progressive Care (RXMD) that are employing real people, generating millions in revenues and are providing a real service in the communities they serve. Progressive Care (RXMD) makes investing easy, so you can sleep easy,